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If a day goes past and you do not learn anything, it is a waste of a day.

Mike Horn on the 11th Pangaea Expedition to the Amazon - March 26, 2012

Famous South African explorer Mike Horn has shared his passion, knowledge and experience with the youth through the Pangaea Young Explorers Project and Expeditions since 2008.

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With the world and its elements as his playground and passion, Mike Horn is acknowledged globally as one of the greatest modern day explorers. He’s crossed and swum the rivers, sailed the oceans solo, survived near-death environments, brutally extreme conditions and confronted nature at her most unforgiving. In two decades, he’s probably seen more of the earth than any other human.

Yet every step he took opened his eyes more to the alarming changes occurring in our environment. Ones that could affect our very existence…

Having accomplished his personal exploration goals, which armed him with a wealth of experience, Mike knew it was now time to lend his unique knowledge and expertise to motivate solutions for the challenges the planet faces.

He realised that the future of our planet lay solely in the hands of our youth, who if properly educated and informed, can save and sustain our world for generations to come.

The Young Explorers are now taking his example in sharing what they have learned and experienced through Pangaea EcoCamps worldwide.

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